The IMC rating

This can be added to a JAR Licence and gives you the ability to fly out of sight of the surface and enables you to fly in poor (though not bad) weather. It applies specifically to the UK and can’t be used abroad though the skills you learn in coping with poor visibility and in the use of instrument navigation aids are invaluable.

Flying training is a minimum of 15 hours plus a flight test at the end; ground school also is followed by an exam. You’ll certainly end up with skills to be proud of.

Since its introduction in the 1960s the IMC rating has been acquired by thousands of UK private pilots to help them plan and fly safely in instrument weather conditions in UK airspace. This greatly enhances safety in poor weather and extends the range of possibilities when planning flights.
A recent decision means the European Commission will allow the UK to continue issuing the Instrument Meteorological Conditions (IMC) rating for pilots until April 2019.

The night qualification

One of the most fascinating and enjoyable experiences you can have is seeing the glittering lights of the night-time world from half a mile high. The course is five hours flight at night of which 2 hours are dual circuit work and 1 is cross country. Solo you fly a minimum of 5 take-offs and a full stop landings together with a departure and return to the airfield. Ground school is included.

Aerobatic & advanced handling

Without doubt, aerobatic flight represents the pinnacle of ‘hands on’ flying. Flying an aircraft in this manner demands skill and judgement beyond that required by more straight forward ‘A to B’ flying. Your reward for achieving this level of skill is unparalleled freedom and confidence improving all aspects of your relationship with aviation, whilst significantly deepening the satisfaction and enjoyment which motivated you to start flying in the first place.
In recognition of this most rapidly expanding area of interest, we offer a number of different courses for aerobatic training. Ranging from a simple one-off trial aerobatic lesson, to full-blown courses to prepare you for the exciting world of competition flying. Whichever you choose, all aerobatic training courses are fundamentally designed to make you a better and safer pilot