Not For Profit Flying School

It may come as a surprise to learn that Bristol Flying is a Not For Profit (NFP) organisation.

Advantages of Not For Profit

The biggest advantage of being NFP is that re-investment in the company is of high priority, as well as providing it’s members with cost effective services when compared to a for-profit business

Compare The Prices

Bristol Flying / Not For Profit Commercial Flying Clubs
PPL Cost From £6,750 Can be £14,000 upwards
LAPL Cost From £4,800 Can be £8,500 upwards
Monthly Fees £50 – access to ‘not for profit flying’* Compulsory Membership Starting at £10.
Fixed and Motion Flight Simulators Free to members Chargeable
Taxiing Fees No charge Chargeable adding £30-£90 to an hourly rate
Trial Flights from £189 for 60 minutes £99 – £120 for 30 minutes
Added value of ‘not for profit flying’
Ground Training Often Free Usually Chargeable
Guest Lectures and Talks Always Free Sometimes Chargeable
Difference Training Free Usually chargeable
Aircraft Usage and training charging Charged by meter in aircraft* Commercial hourly rates
Aircraft Rental Rates From £99 Commercial rates

Monthly Fees – Not For Profit Benefits

*£50 giving access to ‘not for profit flying’ on all aircraft and simulators.



Aircraft Usage and Training charging

*Charged by meter in aircraft, guaranteed to be cheaper than usual aircraft charging. Effectively offering pilots and students some free flying each and every hour.

History of Bristol Flying

Bristol Flying is a popular flying club based at Bristol Airport, in the heart of the Historic West Country. The club’s founder and Managing Director Richard Nightingale has many years experience as an instructor and pilot. By creating Bristol Flying, Richard has gathered together a group of pilots and aircraft with the aim of providing the ultimate flying experience at an economic cost. From trial lessons in an easy to fly light aircraft to exhilarating, heart pounding aerobatics flying, the range of airborne experiences offered by Bristol Flying covers all tastes and pockets.

Flying with Bristol Flying presents unique opportunities to both student and qualified pilots due to the inclusion of modern and vintage aircraft in their fleet, there is even a rare opportunity to fly a vintage de Havilland Tiger Moth.

In addition to the above sought after aircraft, Bristol Flying fleet includes modern training and touring aeroplanes such as the Piper PA28, Warrior and Cessna 150; machines that have been tried and tested over many years of service and remain the most popular models with flying schools and clubs worldwide.

The type of aircraft, duration of flight, destination and type of experience required is dictated by the student. You can select a trial flight to the Isle of Wight with afternoon tea or a cross country flight to visit friends or relatives.

So whether you require a sensational gift for someone special or would like to really learn to fly and achieve a pilots licence Bristol Flying has a flying package to suit.