What’s involved in Learning to Fly

There are two main different licences for the Private Pilot.

The EASA PPL licence is recognised by over 30 mostly European states, is valid for flying abroad and can have further ratings added to it. Our not for profit costs start from £8750 for this license.

The EASA LAPL (Light Aircraft Pilots Licence) is valid for daytime flying, generally in the Europe only. The LAPL requires fewer hours to attain so is cheaper. It also has significantly relaxed medical requirements. We can obtain this license from Bristol Flying from £5800.

Learning to fly is fun, challenging and can be made even more rewarding when you put your own training package together in a way that best suits you.


We Provide Everything 

We teach the EASA PPL Syllabus. The basic course is split in to 9 theoretical sections, and three main phases of practical flying training. The theoretical aspect is examined with multiple choice exams in Meteorology, Navigation, Communications, Flight Performance & Planning, Human Factors, Air Law, Operational Procedures, Aircraft General Knowledge and Principles of Flight. These sound intimidating, but don’t require any prior knowledge of aviation, although an enthusiasm to learn is helpful. Generally students don’t have too many problems with the theoretical aspect of the course, but our instructors are always available to give advice. Ground school is provided, and all exams are taken on site.

Our Aircraft

Designed specifically for training, most of our aircraft are two seat and four seat, one of the next generations of light aircraft. An aluminium airframe combined with the ultra-reliable Lycoming engine results in a sparkling performance.

Easy to operate from small airfields, they climb at 800 feet per minute or more and will cruise at up to 120kts.

We also have a comprehensively equiped C172 Skyhawk, Piper Warrior and Piper Arrow with all the kit required for IMC training.

Arranging a flight

That’s easy, just phone 01275 400126 and we’ll arrange a time and date, or use the contact form to the right. If you have already bought a voucher you can of course also use the Online Booking System. All you then need to do is report to the clubhouse on time. We have all the equipment you’ll need on the day such as headsets.

If your friends or family have bought you an introductory flight, bring them along with you to watch! We have comfortable sofas and a warm Lounge.

We offer what others don’t

Thanks to our Online Booking System which is available 24/7, you can see aircraft and instructor availability instantly and make bookings at your convenience. You have the option to have the same instructor to look after you (circumstances permitting) who will take time to brief you before your flight and debrief you afterwards. When the weather is good they will take you flying and when it isn’t they will take you for ground school usually as one to one tutorials or in small groups of three or four.

The Booking system also keeps track of all of your booked flying in an online logbook, which can be printed or exported for use in other systems. Just like your paper logbook, you can also add notes and also enter flights that haven’t gone through the booking system.

Introductory Flight

You can start with an Introductory Flight so that you can see if you’ll enjoy it and before you know it, you will be bitten by the flying bug.

Your First Step To Become a Pilot – 120 Minute Flight