EASA PPL licence Information

Starting from £8750 at Bristol Flying

You have to complete at least 45 hours flying instruction of which at least 25 hours are dual and 10 hours are solo. This solo time includes at least 5 hours cross-country with at least one flight of 150mm during which you land at two other airfields. Finally you take a General Skill Test (GST).

Our Ground School Covers all Study Topics

There are exams to be passed covering Air Law, Human Performance, Meteorology, Navigation and Aeroplane Technical Subjects. Over the whole course you will receive at least 25 hours ground school; add to that some home study, particularly on the questions and answers which we will give you and you will pass the exams.

You’ll also need a Class 2 medical – most people of average fitness will pass this with ease and we can point you towards an appropriate Aeromedical Examiner (AME). The examination is not onerous and details are on the CAA website.

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