Full Motion Simulator – 30 Mins

///Full Motion Simulator – 30 Mins

Full Motion Simulator – 30 Mins


Chocks away for your session in a flight simulator in Bristol! This is the place to come to in the South West.

The location for your experience is the main office of this flight club near Bristol. Situated just next to Bristol (Lulsgate) Airport in a converted schoolhouse, all those high ceilings means there’s no head-height hassles when it comes to fitting these two rather impressive simulators set ups!

We are offering 30 and 60 minute sessions on the fixed flight simulator here in Bristol and 15 or 30 minutes in the full motion  In all cases you’ll have a welcome safety briefing, along with time to be shown the main controls in the cockpit before you head off into your virtual sky in your virtually real plane.


With this Bristol Flying Simulator Experience You Take the controls of a light aircraft for 30 minutes in our full motion flight simulator, experience the thrill of flying an aircraft with our qualified and experienced pilots with the added benefit of various starting locations and weather conditions.

Upon arrival at the busy Bristol Airport, you’ll welcomed to the centre by a qualified Pilot
and briefed on the basics of motion simulation. Before even climbing into the cockpit, you’ll be
impressed by the hydraulic engineering that has gone into making this machine. Once in the pilot’s seat,
and surrounded by a host of fully functional knobs, levers, gauges and dials, you’ll begin the pre-flight
checks and prepare for ‘take-off’. Accompanied by a fully licensed pilot, you’ll experience the thrill of
completing tricky take-off and landing manoeuvres, this simulator looks, moves, feels and even sounds like the real deal! These advanced motion simulators are
used by beginners and professional pilots alike, so the handling, capabilities and interiors are as
immersive as they come – trying to keep the plane straight and level at the optimum altitude, you’ll soon forget that the sky in front of you isn’t real!


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